Race Around Austin

Hugo is coming to town after The Real Prez Donald (Gordon) graciously accepted his invite to “Race Around Austin” on Jan 15th.


This is great news I know, but even better is that y’all can join us! How can we join you Hugo? I am glad you asked! There are 2 ways:

First, “Team Soycull Sea Cat 5s” (that’s me and Prez Donald) is in need of at least 1 and up to 3 more team members!

(you math and engineer types will by now have surmised that teams are comprised of 3-5 members!!)

We are not looking to win just go out and get in a fun ride. This race is on everybody’s bucket list and there will be a bunch of teams out having a great time. Don’t fall victim to the FOMO!*

The format is an unmarked course covering 80-100 miles. Teams travel their chosen route while visiting 3 checkpoints. We receive the map that morning and depart ~9:15 am (there are staggered starts to discourage following).

Race entry is already covered but feel free to buy us lunch/dinner @ Torchy’s if the need overwhelms you! WHO IS IN!!?

PM me or txt/call 917-881-3225 to discuss and/or beg to join in…

But Hugo, didn’t you say there were 2 ways to join in on this annual bucket list ride? YES!! Form another team! Surely there are enough CCRCCers to put together a few teams (in addition to the above mentioned Soycull Sea Cat 5s I mean!)?

I hope to hear from you and see ya soon!!

Hugo Walker ~ Member of the Circle C Ranch Cycling Group

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