Circle C feeds to four Public Elementary Schools in SW Austin. Each school is a member of Austin ISD. Your residential address determines which school your young one’s will attend unless you have special permission to transfer to another school for a valid reason. Currently, Greyrock Ridge residents attend Baranoff Elementary, Park Place residents attend Mills Elementary. The remaining Circle C communities are split between Kiker Elementary and Clayton Elementary. To determine the default elementary school based on your address please check the AISD website.

Mills Elementary School

6201 Davis Lane
Austin, TX 78749
 (512) 841-2400

Baranoff Elementary School

12009 Buckingham Gate Road
Austin, TX 78748
 (512) 841-7100

Kiker Elementary School

5917 La Crosse Avenue
Austin, TX 78739
 (512) 414-2584

Clayton Elementary

7525 La Crosse Avenue
Austin, TX 78739
 (512) 841-9200